Wow!! 18 months ago kindly started ’s ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ UK robotics challenge- today our team entered their first tournament and brought home the winner’s cup to South London!


Retweetd From Harris Fed Languages

78 finalists, 14 schools, 3 year groups & 3 langs = our biggest yet! Merci/gracias/谢谢


Amazing fun with bottle rockets at todays HCACP thematic day


Some more photos of our fantastic VIP Yr11's strutting down the red carpet at their prom this week.


Workshop with poet Sophia Thakur. Female empowerment


A few photos of our amazing Year 11 students at their COA and Prom last night.


NLT & Lancome business immersion day at Loreal Hammersmith. Girls already excited.


Our Sixth from girls networking at the NLT & Lancome business immersion day.


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Delighted for the HEA team to have taken part in the first annual Y11 Raising Aspirations event last night, presenting to HCACP Y11s on the benefits of staying at Harris for sixth form - including the HEA. We hope to work with many of last night's attendees in September!


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Our Battle of the Band winners ‘The Valkyries’🤘. We are so proud of the brilliant young musicians across our .


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The Yr8 girls basketball team join the Yr7 team as champions after hard fought victories against and . Magnificent achievement, well done everyone!


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Well done to all students who participated in todays sports day at Croydon Arena. Some excellent performances. Yr 7 boys- 🥇 Yr 7 girls - 🥈 Yr8 boys and girls - 🥇 Yr9 girls - 🥇 Yr9 boys - 🥈 Yr10 boys and girls - 🥇 Overall Boys and Girls 🥇


Congratulations to Daniel and Jevon part of the winning team. London champions under 15s Rugby.


Brilliant achievement!


Well done!


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The winning basket with just over 1 second left from Amirah!


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Congratulations to the Yr7 girls basketball team on being crowned the London champions today. .


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The U14 boys rugby team put in a terrific performance to win the festival this week.


Last day for our Year 11. All round straight shooter Shasvn stopped in to receive the unofficial title of 'Achievement Badge King' for obvious reasons.


Over 200 students already completed their Summer rewards passport. Quick get yours in!

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Posted on April 15th 2022

A Day In The Life - KH, Year 8

KH in Year 8 writes about one day in their life at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace.

As I hurry through the jade green gates, it’s always nice to know that no matter what, I can make my way to the canteen where my peers and I can socialise and enjoy the spread of food provided by the school (one of many perks of being a HCACP student). The day is begun by the harsh shrill of the morning bell (a hurried reminder to go to tutor time). 

And so, it begins…I take my seat and begin reading (one of HCACP’s initiatives to help us develop our literacy skills). This is followed by a discussion on the latest pressing issues worldwide, which is then further encouraged by our many extra-curricular activities - including Debate Club

Thank goodness! Next lesson was my favourite, Science, where the ducklings awaited on the front desk. As part of Science Week, HCACP incubated duck eggs and documented their growth. The best part was watching them hatch; their amber beaks pecking nimbly at their shell and finally emerging as slimy alien-like balls of fluff. 

Next was another firm favourite, Art. We began by recalling previous knowledge, then we got into the best part – painting! We tapped into our creative nature and produced great abstract pieces, inspired by icons such as Mohamed Ali.   

Later in the day, as part of Maths Month, I took part in a nationwide tournament, in which we were tested on quick-fire questions on numeracy and reasoning. I enjoyed every second of it, especially the rush of adrenalin I felt when I get the answer right. 

Finally, I took part in Robotics club (One of HCACP’s many enrichment offers). I find it super empowering that there are so many STEM based clubs on offer, and we have made so much progress on the programming of our robot ‘Harry’. Especially, since the package we received from Will.I.Am, containing extra materials and cool accessories for Harry.  

Thank you for reading A Day In the Life Of a HCACP Student.

KH - Year 8