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Are you thinking about training to be a in or ? Visit for more from our brilliant & to see why training within of academies could be for you!


More super sleuthing for our crime cracking science students as part of their special forensic workshop today here at HCACP


HCACP students take part in a fascinating forensic workshop today in science. Can they catch the culprit using only biological traces?


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Frosty view of from our training base…. We’d love you to come and train to teach with us. Have a look at our website for more details or call one of our friendly team on 0208 253 7758


Year 11 Virtual Parents Consultation Evening The Virtual Parents Evening will take place on the 27th January 2022 from 16:00 - 19:00. More information about making and attending appointments will be sent via email.


Some excellent sessions for and equality taking place today at HCACP.


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Extremely positive performances over the past week from all basketball teams. Keep up the hard work!!


Thank you to who delivered fantastic assemblies on mental health and coping strategies yesterday!


Thank you to Anima Youth for delivering a Nutrition & Healthy Eating taster session. Y7 and Y8 girls explored balanced diets and created a marketing plan to advertise their yummy & nutritious banana muffins!


Thank you to to offer the opportunity to our students to discuss with #leadership#success#leadminset#IBMtoday


A massive thank you to for inspiring our 6th form and KS4 students who want to pursue a career in medicine. It was lovely to welcome back a former student who is currently enjoying a successful medicine career.


“How are you going to move forward with future plans on net zero greenhouse by 2030?”


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The U14 boys and U16 girls make it clean sweep of victories at the Croydon Finals today. Roll on the in the new year.


A proud day for Head Boy Aathi as his name is added to the list of luminary alumni on the HCACP Head Boy & Head Girl honour board.


Its Well-being Wednesday at HCACP. The theme for today is 'Gratitude'


Well done to team ⁦⁩!!


Good luck to all the Staff taking part in today’s Crystal Palace


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The U16 basketball team come out on top in an epic encounter against in the basketball final today. Congratulations to everyone involved. The team will now represent Croydon in the in the new year.


Its Well-being Wednesday at HCACP. The theme for today is 'Gratitude'


HCACP working with our local partners to support students with safe holiday activities’.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Student Council

The Student Council is a group of students who act as the official voice of the the student body.

We pride ourselves on having a culture that is built upon freedom and equality, where the student voice is heard on matters of importance such as how the school is run.

The student council is spilt into two sections: Faculty Cabinets and whole academy Student Council. The Council discusses and decides on issues that matter to the students and are important to the whole Academy, giving students the chance to make a real difference to the smooth running of Harris City Academy Crystal Palace. It encourages students to be  active citizens by building self-confidence, learning how to treat others, making decisions and developing leadership responsibility on behalf of the student cohort. 

Faculty Cabinets

A huge congratulations to all our successful candidates for 2021-2022.


The Faculty Cabinets feed into the overall Student Council (see below). They meet every three weeks, chaired by the Faculty President and overseen by Ms Owusu (Assistant Principal) and their faculty coordinator/director.

To be elected to the Faculty Cabinet students must first be nominated in their tutor groups. The three top nominees are then entered into a ballot, with the election usually taking place in October.

Cabinet roles

The two winning candidates for each year group in each faculty make up the cabinet members. During the first cabinet meeting each member has the opportunity to pitch for the President role. Another round of voting takes place within the cabinet. The winner is elected as the President on a year’s term and the runner up is automatically elected the Vice-President.

The other roles within the cabinet are outlined below and each role has specific responsibilities.

  • Secretary for Teaching and Learning
  • Secretary for Personal development
  • Secretary for Culture for Learning
  • Secretary for Equality and Diversity
  • Secretary for mental health, well-being, and mentoring
  • Secretary for safeguarding
  • Secretary for Sports (x2)
  • Secretary for RAG

Click HERE to see full details of all the cabinet roles.

Members who represent their faculties in each of these roles form a sub-committee, led by senior prefects from the 6th Form and the academy leadership team. The sub-committee then presents once a year to the academy leadership team and parents forum. The faculty presidents also present once a term to their faculty to update them on their progress and the Head Students present an update to the academy leadership team once a term.

Head Boy and Head Girl 2021-22

  • Aathi
  • Joanne

Student council logoStudent Council

The faculty cabinets feed into the overall whole academy student council. The Student Council is made up of the head students, their deputies and the faculty presidents and vice-presidents. This meets every three weeks and is chaired by the head students and overseen by Ms. Owusu (Assistant Principal). The student council present their progress to the Academy Leadership Team each term.


Pictured are the senior prefects for 2021-22.


The Academy offers Year 11 students the chance to take on added responsibility as prefects. Being a prefect is seen as a prestigious role within the Academy and students take part in a highly competitive application process in order to be selected as one of the prefects from their faculty.

Students complete an application form, seek references, and take part in small group assessment tasks and finally an interview. The prefects then represent the student body on duty during break and lunch time, role modelling behaviour, peer mentoring and helping set the culture, as well as assisting during parent’s evenings, open evenings, and other external events.