Wow!! 18 months ago kindly started ’s ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ UK robotics challenge- today our team entered their first tournament and brought home the winner’s cup to South London!


Retweetd From Harris Fed Languages

78 finalists, 14 schools, 3 year groups & 3 langs = our biggest yet! Merci/gracias/谢谢


Amazing fun with bottle rockets at todays HCACP thematic day


Some more photos of our fantastic VIP Yr11's strutting down the red carpet at their prom this week.


Workshop with poet Sophia Thakur. Female empowerment


A few photos of our amazing Year 11 students at their COA and Prom last night.


NLT & Lancome business immersion day at Loreal Hammersmith. Girls already excited.


Our Sixth from girls networking at the NLT & Lancome business immersion day.


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Delighted for the HEA team to have taken part in the first annual Y11 Raising Aspirations event last night, presenting to HCACP Y11s on the benefits of staying at Harris for sixth form - including the HEA. We hope to work with many of last night's attendees in September!


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Our Battle of the Band winners ‘The Valkyries’🤘. We are so proud of the brilliant young musicians across our .


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The Yr8 girls basketball team join the Yr7 team as champions after hard fought victories against and . Magnificent achievement, well done everyone!


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Well done to all students who participated in todays sports day at Croydon Arena. Some excellent performances. Yr 7 boys- 🥇 Yr 7 girls - 🥈 Yr8 boys and girls - 🥇 Yr9 girls - 🥇 Yr9 boys - 🥈 Yr10 boys and girls - 🥇 Overall Boys and Girls 🥇


Congratulations to Daniel and Jevon part of the winning team. London champions under 15s Rugby.


Brilliant achievement!


Well done!


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The winning basket with just over 1 second left from Amirah!


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Congratulations to the Yr7 girls basketball team on being crowned the London champions today. .


Retweetd From HCACP PE

The U14 boys rugby team put in a terrific performance to win the festival this week.


Last day for our Year 11. All round straight shooter Shasvn stopped in to receive the unofficial title of 'Achievement Badge King' for obvious reasons.


Over 200 students already completed their Summer rewards passport. Quick get yours in!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Academy Admissions

Applications for places will be made in accordance with Local Authority admission arrangements and will be online via the eAdmissions website administered by the Local Authority. The Academy will work to the common admissions timetable agreed by Croydon Local Authority.

The Harris City Academy Crystal Palace supplementary information form can be found on our website, (see below). The form must be completed if you require a concession (for example EAL, SEN, Medical Need or your child requires an interpreter).  The form will then need to be returned directly to us at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace, along with medical or professional evidence and proof of residence by 31st October 2021. Completion of a supplementary information form for Harris City Academy Crystal Palace does not constitute an application to the Academy. You must complete the Local Authority Common Application Form as well.  If your child does not have a concession as listed above, you are not required to submit a Supplementary Information form.

The Harris City Academy Crystal Palace will admit 180 students each year.

Open Evening

In light of the current government restrictions in place, our Opening Evening will be a virtual event which will be available to view on the Academy website.  Unfortunately, it will not be possible to visit the Academy in person. 

Year 6 testing days, December 2021

Our Year 6 primary school testing sessions will be held w/c December 6th, 2021. Due to social distancing testing will take place in smaller groups across the week.

Your child will be allocated a fixed test session. Parents need to ensure that their child is available to attend the allocated Fixed Test Session. There will be no other opportunity to sit the test if you are late or miss the allocated session. We receive over 2,000 applications each year and due to this very large number we will be unable to swap your allocated test session (details of which will be sent to all applicants in early December 2021).

We are announcing our testing day sessions at this early point in the year to enable parents to ensure that their child is available to attend their allocated test session.

If you have applied to any other Harris academies you will only need to sit the test at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace.

Parking: Please note that parking in the roads near the Academy will be impossible because of the very large number of visitors so please help us by walking, using public transportation or using the roads a little further away. Please allow a lot of extra time to drop your child off to sit the tests; if your child is late to the tests they will not be able to enter the exam room. Our car park will be closed to visitors.

The application process

All applications for places need to be made via your Local Authority at the latest by the 31st October 2021.

The Harris City Academy Crystal Palace Year 7 admissions supplementary information form can be found on our website and will need to be returned directly to us at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace along with proof of residence by 31st October 2021. Please only complete this form if you require a concession (for example SEN/Medical Need or your child requires an interpreter)

NB completion of a supplementary information form for Harris City Academy does not constitute an application to the Academy.  You must also apply online via the eAdmissions website administered by the Local Authority as well, and list us as one of the choices.

The Local Authority will then inform us of everyone that has put us as a choice on the common application form and from that list our Academy admissions officer will be sending out letters the first week of December 2021, inviting your child to sit the test during the week commencing 6th December 2020.

Key dates

These are the admissions process key dates for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Wednesday 1st September 2021
Pan-London online application process starts

Early September 2021
Prospectus, additional information booklet and supplementary form available to download from our website

Late September / October 2021
Virtual Open Evening available to view on website.

Friday 15th October 2021
Local authority’s recommended closing date (Friday before half term)

Sunday 31st October 2021
Final closing date for receipt of all applications (paper and online). Also deadline for supplementary forms along with evidence to be considered for extra time for the test, to be sent to Harris City Academy Crystal Palace.

Early December 2021
A confirmation letter will be sent to families inviting children to the testing day to sit the non-verbal reasoning test and Harris City Academy Crystal Palace aptitude test.

Week commencing Monday 6th December 2021
Year 6 testing. Applicants will be allocated a fixed test session on either day. Please Note: the allocated test date and time cannot be changed due to large numbers of applications that we receive every year.

Tuesday 1st March 2022
Secondary online outcomes published during the evening. Parents/Carers who applied should log on to view their outcome. Please Note: the Academy does not send out outcome letters as you apply directly to your Local Authority.

Tuesday 15th March 2022
Parent/carers must accept or decline the offer of a place. Parents who applied online can accept/decline their offer online.

Tuesday 29th March 2022
Deadline for appeals to be made. Parents have a legal right to appeal at any time and no appeal can be refused.  Parents are given a date by which to appeal if they wish to have a place for September.  If they dont appeal by 29 March (with appeals to be heard during April and May) their appeal can still be heard later whenever it can be fitted in.  It just means if they haven't sent their papers back by 29 March there is no guarantee their appeal will be heard in the April/May round of hearings, so they may not know which school their child is going to attend in September until after the term starts.

Our “simple” guide to our admissions process for Year 7

This is not part of the admissions arrangements but is an explanation of how they operate to help parents to understand it. Please read our full admissions policy on our website (downloadable below).

  1. Parents should apply online via the eAdmissions website administered by the Local Authority and name this Academy as one of their preferences.
  2. If you require a concession (for example EAL, DSEN or Medical Needs or your child requires an interpreter), you must complete a supplementary information form to help us to arrange tests as set out below. Please return the form along with medical or professional evidence and a proof of residence.
  3. The tests are taken on a fixed days in December and if you have applied to any other Harris academies you will only need to sit the test at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace.
  4. We have two tests. One is a non-verbal reasoning test, which will allow us to allocate the child to an ability band; and the other tests aptitude for technology subjects.
  5. If a child doesn’t sit the tests or applies late he/she will not be considered for a place unless there are spare places after all children who applied on time and sat the test have been offered places (exceptions are made for Looked After Children only). In that situation, the priority order below will apply to determine to whom the place should be offered.
  6. We have 180 places and these are allocated as follows:
    1. 10% (ie 18) of the places are allocated to the children who score most highly on the technology aptitude tests; if we have more than one child tying for the 18th place we determine who gets the place by a random allocation draw;
    2. The remaining places are then allocated to ability bands mirroring the national distribution of abilities – there are nine bands, 1 is high and 9 is low and as with the distribution of abilities nationally there are many more places in the middle bands than in the bands at the top and bottom of the ability range.
    3. The priority to determine who gets a place, which is applied within each band, taking each individually, is in the order as below:
      1. Any children with Educational Health and Care Plans which name the Academy; then
      2. Looked after and previously looked after children; then
      3. Those who have older brothers or sisters who will still be in Year 11 or below when the child joins the school in September; then
      4. Children of staff who have been employed by the Academy for two years or more or who were recruited to fill a shortage subject;
      5. Then of the remaining places, 90% are allocated to the area up to 2 miles from the academy Zone A (all applicants within the two mile zone are considered to be as close to the Academy as one another) and
      6. 10% are allocated to the area outside two miles Zone B (all applicants outside of the two mile zone are considered to be as close to the Academy as one another)
      7. If there are no applicants from a zone left and still spare places then places would be allocated to the applicants from the other zone who are in that ability band.  If a band had spare places and all applicants in that band had been offered places then offers would be made to children in the immediate bands above and below.
      8. We do not give priority to students enrolled at a particular primary school.


  1. The offers of places will be made by the Local Authority in the first few days of March. Parents not offered a place for their child are told of that decision at the same time and will not hear directly from the Academy.
  2. Any parents of applicants not offered a place have a right to appeal that decision.  You can find information on how to do that below.
  3. We will operate a waiting list up until 31st December after the September of admission.  If a vacancy occurs we fill it with a child waiting who is in the same band as the child who has left – using the criteria and methods set out in para 6 above. BUT we have to reorder the list if anyone asks to join it and can only use that criteria.  We are not allowed to give preference to those who have been on the waiting list longest.

The appeal procedure for Harris City Academy Crystal Palace

Parent(s) wishing to appeal against the Academy’s decision should complete an Appeal Form stating the reason for the appeal based on the published Admissions Criteria.

If you wish to appeal for a place at the Academy for your child, you will need to request in writing for an appeal pack, and all forms must be completed and submitted to the Academy by 29th March 2022 at 4pm.

Completed forms should be sent to the Clerk to the Appeal Panel, at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace, Maberley Road, London, SE19 2JH. Please Note: The Academy does not provide help with appeals.

The appeals will be heard in private by an Independent Appeal Panel. The Clerk to the Appeal Panel will make an appointment within a reasonable time; the provisional dates have been booked to be during May 2022.

Appeals may be made in English or the parents’/carers’ first language.

Only one appeal per application is allowed.

Appeals are conducted in person, and you may bring a friend.

Appeals must be made by 29th March 2022.

School Admission Appeals Timetable 2022

Appeals resulting from applications which are turned down for admission in September 2022 will be heard according to the following secondary admissions timetable:

  • Secondary online outcomes published during the evening: 1st March 2022
  • Appeals lodged by 29th March 2022 at 4pm
  • Appeals for Harris Academies will be heard in two stages.

The dates for the appeal hearings for Harris City Academy Crystal Palace have been provisional booked to be during May 2022.

Appeals lodged after these dates will be heard within 40 days of the appeal deadline or 30 school days of being lodged, whichever is the later date.

Appellants will be sent notification of their appeal hearing at least 10 clear school days in advance of the hearing.

Appellants will be sent a copy of the school's case at least seven clear working days in advance of the hearing.

Additional supporting information

If an appellant wishes to submit further evidence, which was not included with their initial appeal, they should ensure this is received at least seven clear working days (not counting the day of postage or the hearing) in advance of your appeal.

Only a short document, such as a doctor’s letter not previously available, will be accepted up to five clear working days prior to the hearing. Any additional evidence or information received after this deadline will not be circulated and may not be considered at the hearing.


In-year admissions

In-year applications need to be made directly to the Academy by completing an in-year application form, which can be downloaded below. This needs to be returned to the Academy in order for the process to commence for your child to be put on our in-year waiting list until the end of current academic year. The Academy is receiving and deciding in-year applications from 1st September each year.

Admission Arrangements for Intake Year 2022-2023

The Governing Body of Harris City Academy Crystal Palace met on the 25th February to review and consider the responses of the admissions consultation. After careful review the Governing Body has agreed to determine the Admissions Arrangements for 2022 – 2023. The determined Admission Arrangements can be found below.


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