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All students safe and sound, and have made their way home. Thank you to all students and staff for making PGL a wonderful trip!


We are now through Brixton, PGL students should be back to HCACP in 15/20 minutes. One coach is slightly behind but not by far.


We are still in standstill traffic in Fulham- so sorry but we advise PGL parents to return when we update on here that we are moving again


We are currently in traffic in Fulham- ETA will now be 5.30 onwards. Will update once we are moving again.


Our current ETA from is just after 5pm- there is some heavy Friday traffic


Occupying ourselves before lunch- due to leave at 2pm. We will arrive at the back of the Academy, please collect from the front! Will post ETA.


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Never mind the rain!


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Group 1 out bright and early for a spot of rock climbing.


Caiyan being vertically challenged!


Mr Thomas ready to show Group 7 how it’s done!


HCACP Year 7 having a fantastic time


The short-lived crate tower


Never mind the rain!


The October Academy Newsletter is now available here


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A strong team performance from the U18 team in the first round of the against a resilient . A 5-1 win moves us into rd2!


We’re on our way!


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Congratulations to student Sadia on her selection!


Sixth Form Open Evening Tuesday 15th October from 5pm - 7pm. We look to welcoming prospective year 12 students with their parents and carers


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Well done to . Special mention to the students Genesis, Mekhi, Harlem and Zak


Well done year 9 and Mr Alarms!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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The Academy reports the assessment of student performance and progress to parents/carers four times a year in writing following formally moderated examinations/tests. In addition the one Academic Tutoring Days and annual Parents’ Subject Consultation Evenings for each year group are further opportunities for parents/carers to discuss their child's progress with teaching staff.

How are student targets set?

The Department for Education expects that all students make progress during their time in secondary education.  This progress is measured from individual student starting points which are the Key Stage 2 Primary SATs.  The progress is measured by the outcomes in GCSE or equivalent qualifications.  This means that when any student starts at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace, initial targets are based on Key Stage 2 SAT scores.  These are the minimum expectations for student progress.

What if the targets are too low?

As these initial targets represent a minimum expectation they are regularly reviewed to ensure that each student is challenged sufficiently.  When a student shows particular strengths in any subject the target is raised to reflect their individual needs.  This happens when any reporting to parents takes place.

How do the new GCSE points relate to old GCSE grades?

From 2017 for English and Maths GCSEs, and from 2018 for all other subjects, the A*-G GCSE grades will be replaced by a points scale of 1 to 9.  9 will be the highest grade and 1 the lowest.  The proportion of students nationally gaining at least a Grade 4 will be roughly the same as those who currently gain at least a C.  The proportion of students nationally gaining at least a Grade 7 will be roughly the same as those who currently gain at least an A.  The new Grade 9 will be awarded to the top 20% of students gaining at least a Grade 7.   The table below shows how the new number grades relate to the old GCSE grades.


Years 10 & 11

Students who started Year 7 in 2010 or 2011 will continue to be assessed in the traditional GCSE grades from A*-G.  There is no change in how we will report to parents for students in these year groups. 

Year 9

Students who started Year 7 in 2012 will continue to be assessed in GCSE grades in all of their subjects except English and Maths.  English and Maths will be assessed and reported on using the new 1-9 grade system.

Years 7 & 8

Students who started Year 7 in 2013 or 2014 will be assessed under the new 1-9 grade system.  Marked work and reports to parents will use the new number grades.