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Year 7s explore the parts of a microscope observing cells.


Our Year 11 students are excited to be doing practicals again in their natural environment.


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The basketball and rugby academy teams finally get their season underway today. Thank you and for hosting us.


Mr Kameni hits a six launching the new HCACP Cricket Club. Every Thurs after school.


There's never been a better time to study mathematics. Mr Kameni is running a Hegarty weekly competition with amazing prizes available for our top students.


Chef Mat and his team return to serving lunch the old fashioned a table, in the canteen. What is the secret to Chef Mat's outrageous roasted cauliflower?


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Teams two and three have just arrived! Four days and three nights hiking across the Welsh mountains completed! Fantastic achievement from all students to complete their DofE Gold Qualifying Expedition!


Looking forward to welcoming our new year 7s and year 12s this morning!


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Second team climbing to the highest point in mid-Wales, at 752 metres above sea level. Heading to their campsite now.


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First team arrived at the summit of Plynlimon and descending to camp.


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Third team have summitted an incredibly windy but sunny Plynlimon mountain.


Good luck!!


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Up early and with rucksacks packed, our three DofE Gold teams have now set off on their qualifying expedition. Four days and three nights ahead, hiking over the Welsh mountains to the coast at Borth!


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... and at the finish! An epic three day DofE Silver Qualifying Expedition completed! Huge well done to all three teams, conquering the Seven Sisters coastal path today.


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Good morning campers! A beautiful sunny morning at Merrylands eco-campsite. Students getting ready for day two of their DofE Silver Qualifying Expedition.


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Off to the south coast we go! Starting our DofE Silver qualifying expedition in Uckfield, Sussex. Destination after three days: Birling Gap. From countryside to seaside, let's go teams!


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Congratulations to all our students who got their A Level results this week at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace. Big thank you to the fantastic teachers for their hard work last 2 years and who played their part in the successful results day - Proud moment!


Thank you to for hosting Summer School - we learnt so much and had a great day!

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Latest News

Posted on May 25th 2021

'Safety First' Day With Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service and Police

London Fire Brigade LogoThe Police, Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade delivered a 'Safety First Interactive Day' to Year 8 at HCACP recently.

The day included virtual sessions on road safety, knife crime, arson, and child sex exploitation, and were all well received by both staff and students. 

The presenters enjoyed the day too, with one writing to say: "I wanted to thank you and your colleagues for all your efforts yesterday. I hope the staff and pupils enjoyed the day as much as we did."

NhsWhat Year 8 students said...

"I found the one about arson the most useful because it isn't usually talked about." 

"It was good, the PowerPoints were very informative. Arson was the most useful because I didn't know much about it."

"They helped a lot, and they give you information."

"I thought it was very educational and helpful."

"I think it was a great idea, it shows us and teaches us about what to do during a stabbing or fire."

"I found the fire safety one most useful, but it would be a lot more effective if we did it again in person."

Metropolitan Police logoStudents said that other issues they would like to know more about included mental health, peer pressure, cancer, and sexual harassment at school.

Thank you to all the presenters for their valuable work with our students.