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The next HCACP Parents forum for Yr7-11 is Monday 1st March at 4pm and Sixth form on Wednesday 3rd March 4pm. Links will be sent via email


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Bravo to these delicious looking entries from students (and a teacher!) 👏😋


The HCACP Master Class Lecture is live now. Today Dr Brooks tells us about the visible light spectrum. What do sailors and light have in common? Link on your teams page.


REMINDER: Year 7 Parents Consultation Day Wednesday 3rd March 9am – 3pm and 4pm-6pm Year 8 Parents Consultation Day Thursday 4th March 9am – 3pm and 4pm-6pm


REMINDER: Year 7 Parents Consultation Day Wednesday 3rd March 9am – 3pm and 4pm-6pm Year 8 Parents Consultation Day Thursday 4th March 9am – 3pm and 4pm-6pm


HCACP letter. Reopening of Schools in England.


Our very own amazing Dr Brooks (phs PHD) will be delivering a true Master Class regarding the nature of light. This Wednesday, 3.15pm on teams.


HCACP Student Bulletin for week starting 22Feb 2021


REMINDER: Year 7 Parents Consultation Day Wednesday 3rd March 9am – 3pm and 4pm-6pm Year 8 Parents Consultation Day Thursday 4th March 9am – 3pm and 4pm-6pm


The HCACP Feb Newsletter is available here


Try our Half term PXS project, great opportunity to show our focus on our core value COURAGE


For years 7,8 & 9. Make your own PXS project. Express yourself. Make a video, bake a cake...maybe invent a board game. The only limit is your imagination.


Some examples of outstanding work in History from HCACP. Students have been learning about the impact WWI had on 20th century medicine.


REMINDER: Year 7 and P16 live assembly at 8:45am this morning. Link on your respective Year Group Teams page.


HCACP is a World Class School. Our Year 7 and Year 8 launch our re-accreditation bid #Iamaleader#Iamcommitted#Weareworldclass


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So well deserved . teaching and learning is what you do best


HCACP continue to celebrate the diversity of our community, with this week's LGBT+ Hero Laverne Cox. We are 1 HCACP. +HistoryMonth


HCACP is delighted to be designated one of the 81 new Teaching School Hubs.


Student voice: Students have been completing a survey this week to help gain feedback on lessons since January. Make sure your opinions heard by completing the survey. Student survey February 2021


Year 10 Spanish: Students in lessons this week have been learning how to talk about where they live in Spanish, and getting amazing scores in their vocabulary tests on Quizlet! Ms Woolfrey is very pleased with their progress.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Your Overview of Remote Learning

Updated: 22nd February 2021.

Your one-stop shop for all things HCACP when it comes to remote learning. You'll find links to content from across the website which gives you a taste of the chances and choices on offer for all members of the HCACP community.

Your faculty

Click on your faculty logo, to ensure you know how to stay connected with your faculty while at home, and here all of the faculty specific notices, such as inter-faculty competitions, attendance and points.

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Bulletin 8th FebWeekly student bulletin - 22nd February

Click HERE to check out the weekly student bulletin, where you will find:

  • Literacy tutor time activities
  • Numeracy tutor time activities
  • Careers tutor time activities
  • The weeks assembly
  • This week’s virtual champions
  • Key notices
  • Cultural and historic insights to events from this week in the past
  • Key work, culture and employability skill focus for the week

Year group challenges - for half term week

Year 7 - Go for a walk and identify three things and write a short story about those things, or draw an image with all objects included.

Year 8 - Do something nice for someone else without expecting reciprocation.

Year 9 - 60 second challenge. Click HERE for details. 

Year 10 - Show someone that you care and appreciate them this half term. Make a valentine’s day card using materials you have at home and send to your friends and family.

Year 11 - Carefully review and respond to your subject teacher's feedback from the Year 11 Virtual Progress Checks.

FootballCultural insight of the week - Mob Football

This half term week sees the beginning of Lent and the annual Shrovetide Ashbourne game of mob football (sadly not played this year due current Coronavirus restrictions). See the film below for some historic footage of people playing the game.

The game is widely acknowledge as the foundation of the games that would become football and rugby. It is played between two teams and involves thousands of rival players competing to move a ball to opposite ends of the Derbyshire town of Ashbourne. The teams are spilt into those that live in the upper side of the area (Up' Ards) and those that live in the lower side of the area (Down 'Ards).

The game can last for up to eight hours and has unlimited numbers of people who can play. The purpose of the game is to score as many goals as possible, by hitting the ball against a designated area in your OWN half three times in a row, this being in contrast to current football and rugby rules of scoring. The annual event has been running since at least 1667.

Picture: Will De Freitis. License

PL2Virtual enrichment challenges

Visit our Enrichment at Home page to see this week's virtual enrichment challenges.

Click HERE to see our Online Enrichment Timetable.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Academy is incredibly proud to be a Directly Licensed Centre for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, offering Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels to all students from Year 9 through to Year 13. Read more about HCACP's involvement with DofE on our Personal Development Curriculum page.


PEPE challenge of the week - HomeCourt

Click on the image to see the challenge on the PE Twitter account. Why not try and beat Miss Odenusi’s score or HomeCourt!

We'll be adding a new challenge each week - something you'll find it easy to take part in at home. Why not send us your pictures!

Full details on our Enrichment at Home page too.


Mafs 2

Treasure TressCareer in focus: Jamelia Donaldson

Click HERE to read a career profile of Jamelia Donaldson (pictured), CEO/Founder of Treasure Tress.

Later this term:

  • 20/01/2021 - Sol Lovemore (Lifestyle Management)
  • 01/02/2021 - Tam Cader (Freelance photographer & Videographer)

Students also have access to weekly speakers for schools seminars. A new speaker is announced every other week.

Masterclass seminar - Wednesday 24th Feb, 3.15pm

Click HERE to join our masterclass on colour!


Students also have access to the weekly academic masterclass sessions. The next masterclass to be announced soon.


Assemblies are via live events that can be accessed via a link in the year group MS Teams page. Please see the Spring term 2 assembly plan below.

Click HERE for a link to this week's assembly.

Assemblies Feb 2021

Your student council

Click HERE to see full details of your Student Council cabinet members, Head Girl and Boy, and Prefects . 

Raising and giving

The Academy believes in RAG, raising and giving to help our local, national and international communities. The four faculties each have a charity which they work to raise money for across the year. The autumn term totals for amounts raised are shown below.

1Rag total (002)

Mindfulness and well-being

Click HERE to see the HCACP Tips for Your Mental Wellbeing leaflet. To see more examples of how to support your mental health and well-being, check out our Wellbeing at Home page.

HCACP wellbeing

Culture (003)