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Young Gifted And STEM a new organisation to improve engagement of Black and Minority Ethnic students with STEM. Sat 24th Oct, Harris Invictus is hosting the launch event, in collaboration with London South Bank University, aimed at 14-18 year olds.


Photos of the Chartwells Black History Month spread


Great to see our Black History Month Concert premiering virtually. Well done to all the performers!


The HCACP october newsletter is available now


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No fixtures - No problem. First Inter-faculty winners go to the Yr10 Arts Football Team. Well done Arts!


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This , the most important message we can share is talk to someone you trust if you’re struggling. You don’t have to go through this alone - and there is no shame in accepting help. Let someone support you. Things can get better.


Well done to all Yr10 students who take part in the first round of the inter Faculty football competition. Final round of fixtures next week. Current standings are Communications – 6pts Science and PE -2pts Maths and Commerce -1pt Arts -1pt


Our inter-faculty debate series starts October 14th.


We are looking forward to presenting to all Y7 families this evening at 6pm for the Virtual Y7 Parents Information Evening! The link has been emailed, please follow it to watch via Teams


HCACP Year 7 Parent Information Evening - Monday 5th October at 6pm. MTeams link will be sent via email


HCACP Virtual Open Day 2020 for prospective year 7’s 2021. Please find details here:


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Diverse Leaders this is a programme that nurtures talented teachers and leaders from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups achieve career progression.


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Congratulations Sadia from all . We wish you all the best.


Congratulations to our Year 11’s who received prefect ties today


In case you missed our year 12 virtual parent information evening last night


Year 7, we are ready for you! See you at 8am, we can’t wait to meet you


We hope our new Year 7s are looking forward to joining us next week. There is now an FAQ page on our website just for you! We are so looking forward to meeting you


Congratulations to Vanesa A* A* A and off to Cambridge University to read law can achieve


Congratulations to Leonardo A* A* A and going on to read medicine at UCL


In this unprecedented year we would like to congratulate our students on achieving so many outstanding Post 16 results!! ⁩ ⁦

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Enrichment at Home

While the school was closed last term we created a series of Enrichment at Home activities (see below). Should children need to return to studying at home for any reason we will add new activities here.

Share your work via the PE Department's Twitter account, or by emailing We look forward to hearing from you!

BBC Young Reporter Competition

If you fancy yourself as a future journalist or digital content creator, why not send your stories in to the BBC. You never know where it could lead! 

This is an opportunity for 11-18 year old to share their unique stories with the BBC. This is the third year of this editorial opportunity and previous winners have produced reports with the likes of BBC Three, The One Show, BBC Breakfast, Radio 5 Live, Newsbeat, Newsround and the News at Six. All the details will be on during August. Why not have a go!


Science - Black scientists

The Science Department would like you to show your solidarity against injustices faced by black people globally by celebrating inspirational black figures in Science.

Complete one or more of the activities on the activity sheet below in this assignment to learn more about some of the many inspirational black scientists and their contributions to their field.

The best entry will receive a prize once we return to the Academy in September. Email your work to Miss Kellman ( BEFORE Friday 17th July to be entered into the competition.


To find out more about black scientists and their contributions you can also follow the following accounts on social media:

  • Instagram: BlackExcellenceInScience
  • Twitter: BLK_Excel_InSci

STEM - Meet the future you!

Could you see yourself exploring outer space, protecting the environment, designing apps or developing cures for diseases? Take the quiz to find your perfect STEM career!

Click here to take the quiz now!


Film - Celebrating and exploring LGBTQ+ identities

NormanWith many annual Pride celebrations not possible this year, LGBTQ+ stories on screen offer a safe and thoughtful way to reflect on Pride's history and on sexual and gender identities.

We're wrapping up Pride Month with a curated list of films from around the world that depict various LGBTQ+ experiences. All titles are available online, and can be used in conjunction with our film guides to support your exploration of film.

Please add the links to the appropriate films below. 

Geography - National Sports

How much do you know about national sports around the world? In honour of our Virtual Sports Week this week, we would like you to find out more about the national sports of different countries around the world. Complete this quiz to test your knowledge.

BreadFood - Focaccia art 

Bake a classic Italian focaccia and decorate it with gorgeous designs made from vegetables.

Click here for recipe/method and ideas.

Maths - This week's riddles

Here are the answers from last week.

Question: Sally is 54 years old and her mother is 80. How many years ago was Sally’s mother three times her age? Answer: 41 years ago, when Sally was 13 and her mother was 39.

Question: What number do you get when you multiply all of the numbers on a telephone’s number pad? Answer: 0. All numbers multiplied by 0 result in 0.

Question: What’s the angle between the minute hand and the hour hand at a quarter past three? Answer: The minute hand is pointing directly at the ‘3’. The hour hand is ¼ of the way between the ‘3’ and ‘4’. Since there are 12 numbers on the clock, the angle between each number is 30 degrees. So the angle between the hands is 7.5 degrees. 30 divided by 4.

Maths Riddles for week beginning 6th July

  • Scales 2The numbers next to each place below has nothing to do with the real distances but is based on the value of vowels and consonants. How far is Cambridge? Norwich 36, London 32, St Albans 40, Cambridge??
  • In a 3 by 3 squares grid, how many squares can you see?
  • You have 7 tennis balls that are all identical to the eye but one of them is lighter than the others. Using a balance scale and only two separate weighings, how can you find the lightest tennis ball?

Answers next week. Good luck in your riddle solving.

Science - Waterproof hanky magic trick!

Try out this magic trick to wow your family! Can you explain the science behind it? Please make sure that you are supervised by an adult to do this safely.

PE - Mr Grant's and Mr Mulvaney's 'top bin' challenge

How close can you get to putting the ball in the 'top bin'. Bonus points for creativity. Watch Mr Grant and Mr Mulvaney and then send your attempts to the PE Twitter account or
Screenshot 2020 06 22 13.20.10

Music - Create a lockdown song 

For this week's Music enrichment, Mr Ansell would like you to write some lyrics for a lockdown-inspired song. You can use a backing track from Youtube. Search for the style of music you would like followed by the words "backing track" and then write your lyrics to the music. EG: Rock Backing Track or Hip Hop Backing Track.

You can choose to perform your music by singing or rapping it, trying to be clever with the words, and as usual, if you create something you are proud of, send in your work to Mr Ansell's email ( or the school enrichment email, as we would love to see it.

Plus.... to celebrate Music Day on June 21st - why not watch one of the films suggested here and sing along!

Media - Artemis Fowl  

Are you a fan of Artemis Fowl?  Whether the answer is yes or no, the exciting new adventure series has just launched on the Disney + platform.  Why not try out the home learning resources and then enter the creative writing competition. Find out more.


History - Anne Frank competition

Anne FrankThe Anne Frank Trust is looking for participants to make a creative piece for a competition. The prize-winners will get a chance to visit the Anne Frank Museum, fully paid for, in Amsterdam. You can submit a poem, story, article or even newspaper. So use your imagination and get creating. Please visit this website for more guidance and information.

Mandarin - Dragon Boat Festival

Watch the video about the Dragon Boat Festival.

Now answer the questions:

1. How to say Dragon Boat festival in Mandarin?

2. What is the name of the poet that the festival is in memory of?

3. What is the traditional food of the festival?

4. Any other facts you’ve learnt regarding the festival?

French - Take our special French quiz

Food, music and more... click here to download the quiz.

FRENCH quiz (1)

Spanish – Pets

Test how much you know about pets in Spanish. Show that you have what it takes to grow and gather 10 flowers. Every right answer the seedling will be watered, try to get 10 right answersClick here to get started..

History - Anti-racism

Complete as many of these tasks below as you would like to.


Business - Brands in solidarity

Research which famous brands have come out in support of the black community.

Choose three of these businesses and write what action they have taken.

Research some black owned brands + write up a short report on any two.

Imagine you were CEO of any Business who hasn’t yet shown their support – write a Tweet or press release to show how they should respond.