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Shouts out to - Ruby, Anika, Jayden, Aidan, Toyin, Hugh, Swann and Amira in Year 12D History for outstanding evaluative contributions on race and racism in America. Very proud of the lesson today. Also Angel Year 11 Citizenship for her work on exam practice questions


congratulations to the Bedrock champions of the week: 7D – Amaziah 8A – Devante 9G – Chira


The HCACP Book Club is back for January. Our current book is Holes by Louis Sachar.


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Kaela; design. You are a professional. We can't wait for nominations for our Student of the Month from


Want to impress your peers with amazing speaking skills? Yes? Join the HCACP Virtual Debate Club! If you are KS3 student who loves debating then we want to hear from you! Let your English teacher know you want to join the debate club and we will add you to the team!


Well done to Kaela 9BA. Excellent poster on human Right in her PSHE lesson.


Buenas tardes. Outstanding work from Nevaeh in their Spanish lesson today. #


Well done to all Year 10 students that have completed assessments online this week. If you missed one for any reason please contact your teacher.


Year 10 challenge: This week our challenge for Friday afternoon is a one you can complete at home. Look at the following 'step in, step out' challenge. How many times can you do it in 60 seconds? Send your best score to Mr Biddiscombe by Monday at 12:00pm


This afternoon is Year 11 English Skills Club with Miss Bransfield and Miss Mills. The club runs from 3.15 - 4pm and we look forward to seeing you there! Today we are focusing on Language Paper 2 Skills.


Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended the virtual Parents’ Forum this evening - over 100 in total! We hope you found it useful.


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Don't forget students - you are part of our Student of the Month campaign . This will keep you positive.


Some tips for your mental well being


HCACP Enrichment. Student Mindfulness booklet:


New weekly student bulletin:


Virtual Parents’ Forum on Wednesday 20th January at 4pm. Link for meeting has been emailed, we hope to see you there.


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This weeks enrichment at home tasks are now online Can anyone better Mr Mulvaney’s juggling attempt? Please check SMHW for more details.


Year 10 weekly challenge: Who can complete the puzzle challenge in the quickest time? Go to the Year 10 teams page for more information.


Excellent work from Carla in Year 9


HCACP launches the Bedrock literacy initiative. Summit that literacy mountain. Guidance for students in the poster below.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Welcome and Introduction

We are delighted to welcome all our new Year 7 students to HCACP. You are about to start an exciting new journey at secondary school, and we want you to know that you are already an important part of our Academy community and family. 

See our FAQs page for our new Year 7s, answering lots of the questions we know you will have.

This may seem a more worrying time than usual to be starting secondary school but please rest assured that we will do our upmost to ensure you feel part of the Academy community. 

On this page you will find lots of important information and hear from some members of staff who you will get to know very well over the next few years. Please check this page for key dates for events happening online and at the Academy. You can also follow us on Twitter @HCACP (you don’t need to have an account). Look out for the hashtag #HCACPY7 to find out more information, get to know your Academy and get involved in challenges and enrichment activities

Katherine CumberbatchMeet the Principal: Ms Cumberbatch

I would like to offer you all a very warm welcome to Harris City Academy Crystal Palace. We are delighted you have gained a place at the Academy and will be joining us in September. 

Our Academy motto is, ‘All Can Achieve’ and this means that all our students will achieve their absolute best whilst they are with us. Starting secondary school is both an exciting and nervous time and we hope to make your transition as smooth as possible especially during these challenging times.  

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you and your families into our community and I look forward to welcoming you all soon.

Ms Cumberbatch, Principal

Take a virtual tour of your new school

See behind the scenes of HCACP with Head of Year 7, Miss Cox.

Layla CoxMeet your Head of Year 7: Miss Cox

Welcome to all new students joining us in Year 7. Whilst we are currently experiencing different and, in some ways, difficult times, I am so looking forward to meeting you all and ensuring you feel welcome and part of our HCACP community.

Here at HCACP we have high expectations of you and this is to ensure that you leave us as the best versions of yourselves and having made exceptional academic progress.

I understand that you will be experiencing a mixture of emotions in the time leading to you joining us, and I would like to reassure you that whether you are feeling excited, eager, anxious or nervous, you are going to be extremely well supported in your transition to secondary school life and learning. 

Please do get involved in our Twitter and virtual sessions and start now as you mean to go on- by doing your best! If any parents/carers have any concerns I can be contacted via email at

Miss Cox, Head of Year 7

Meet your Faculty Directors

Arts: Mr Biddiscombe

Alan Biddiscombe HistoryMy name is Mr Biddiscombe and, as an Assistant Principal at the Academy, one of my roles is Faculty Director of the Arts Faculty.

Arts Faculty students wear a green tie and we are organised in to AA and AP tutor groups. In the Arts Faculty we aspire to both the whole Academy aim and the Academy five core values. We also have our own motto, which is the Southern African word ‘Ubuntu’. It does not have a direct translation into English but has its meaning based on interdependence and that, like the hands of the Arts tree, we all depend on one another to grow. If you like, you can watch a short film that explains what ubuntu means.

Being in a Faculty gives students the opportunity to participate in our student council, compete in inter-faculty competitions and work with other students and staff within the faculty. I look forward to seeing how our new cohort of Year 7 Arts students can contribute to make our Faculty even better. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Communications: Ms Adewale

Funmi AdewaleMy name is Ms Adewale and I am one of the Assistant Principals at the Academy. As an assistant principal, I am also the Faculty Director of Communications.  

Communications Faculty students wear a royal blue tie and we have two tutor strands in our Faculty: CK and CB tutor groups. Both tutor groups are named in recognition of aspirational individuals who led social change: CK is in memory of Dr Martin Luther King Jr who was a beacon for racial equality, CB is in memory of Louis Braille who revolutionised the lives of blind and partially sighted people with invention of the Braille system.  

The Communication Faculty motto is ‘Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow’, and this captures the essence of our Academy vision of ‘All Can Achieve’ as well as our 5 Core Values. We aspire to this because learning is not just about facts but the training of the mind to think, to adapt, to cope and to take risks that will establish your success in and outside the classroom, in the present and in the future.   

I cannot wait to meet our new cohort of ‘leaders of tomorrow’. It is going to be rewarding helping you build your vision, set your targets, and achieve your potential to lead in your chosen field.   

Aaron HuiMaths & Commerce: Mr Hui and Ms Berry

Our names are Ms Berry and Mr Hui. We are both Assistant Principals at the Academy and Joint Faculty Directors for the Maths & Commerce Faculty. Maths & Commerce Faculty students wear a red tie and we are organised into MB and MP tutor groups. 

In the Maths & Commerce Faculty, we adhere to both the whole Academy motto that “All Can Achieve” and also the Academy’s 5 Core Values. But we also have our own motto: “We are One Family”

Debby BerryOur red-tie students are proud of who they are as individuals, but also believe that we can achieve more if we work together and stay connected as one family. Maths & Commerce Faculty students are guided by this motto both in the classroom, in sporting competitions and when they are in the wider community. 

We also aspire for our students to have high levels of attendance and punctuality and gaining lots of positive points for doing the right things. 

We are really looking forward to seeing how our new cohort of Year 7 Maths & Commerce students can contribute to make our Faculty even better.  In the meantime, we hope you and your family continue to be safe and healthy, and we look forward to seeing you soon.  

Science & PE: Mr Marillat

David Marillat 2My name is Mr Marillat and, as Senior Assistant Principal at the Academy, one of my roles is Faculty Director of the Science and PE Faculty.

Science and PE Faculty students wear a gold tie and we are organised in to SS and SP tutor groups. In the Science and PE Faculty we believe that we are golden and that we rise above. We rise above hate, we rise above challenges and we rise above the ordinary to be extraordinary in all we do. Our belief is that through our Science and PE team, we can work together to support one another in achieving gold, whatever that might mean to each individual within the faculty. As a faculty we strive to uphold the Academies core values, and in particular we work within our community to raise money for our faculty charity, 'Mind'.

Being in the Science and PE team, is just that. We are a team, so please start thinking how will you add to our team? Will you join our cabinet? Will you volunteer to lead part of our assemblies, with a performance or the homily? Will you represent the faculty in performing arts, sports, debating or another extra-curricular opportunity? The one non-negotiable is that every team member of Science and PE ensures they add to our team every day through kindness to all our community, as we are all part of the HCACP team.

Welcome letter to parents and carers

A letter will be sent to all parents and carers in the week beginning 11th May, but you can also download a copy here.

Core values logoWhat does a HCACP student look like?

Everything we do here is underpinned by our five Core Values. You will hear these five important words every day as a reminder that we are all one community and we are here to support, encourage and inspire each other.

  • Courtesy
  • Courage
  • Community
  • Contribution
  • Cooperation

During this challenging time we have added the additional core value, ‘Connection’. We want you to feel connected to the Harris City Academy Crystal Palace community so when you do start learning with us things will not feel completely new.


Free school meals - how to apply

If you think you may be entitled to Free School Meals, please apply using this link: Free School Meals Application. Croydon Council will review your application and advise you of the outcome.  We will also be notified of their decision.

Registering for free meals could also raise an extra £900 per student for the school, to fund valuable support like extra tuition, additional teaching staff or after-school activities. If you have any queries or require assistance, please contact

Your Transition Workbooks

Your first Transition Workbook has been sent in the post and we hope you enjoy completing them. If you need a spare copy, you can download it here.

Click here to download a copy of the first Transition Workbook.

You will need to bring the first Workbook, and the second one you will receive in the post shortly, on your first day in September.