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End of a great week. All students making up the mountain and progressed amazingly. A big thank you to for a fantastic week


Retweetd From HCACP Geography

The final night! A traditional meal followed by some Croatian folk dancing 💃🎉


And it’s snowing .... Ski Trip 2019


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Zadar’s best dancefloor! 💃


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The group photo you have all been waiting for! Getting ready for a day of rafting 🐳


Ski 2019


Great day with groups progressing up the mountain ski2019


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Serving caving REALNESS 💅


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Congratulations to the U16 football team on their 2-0 victory against in the cup semi final. They now join the Yr7s and Yr10s in the cup finals to be played first week back after Easter.


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We have landed! 🎉🎉


First day on the slopes, all students getting on fantastically well


Ski Trip - our first lesson and there is a lot of snow!


Ski trip 2019 have all arrived


On our way - Ski Tour 2019


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Thanks to everyone who attended our amazing Performing Arts Evening. A few of the acts pictured below.


The HCACP Easter Newsletter is available now from the following link


Thanks to everyone who attended our amazing Performing Arts Evening. A few of the acts pictured below.


Don't forget our amazing Performing Arts Evening today 6-7pm in the drama hall. An evening celebrating all that is great about HCACP performing arts.


Retweetd From London Youth Games

Huge congratulations to for winning the U13M AND U15M Respect The Games Award. They were nominated for showing determination throughout the competition and shaking hands with competitors post-game.


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What a day for both the U13 girls and U15 boys handball finals at the today. Boys pick up a 🥈and girls a 🥉. Well done to everyone involved today!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














Athletics Academy

The Wired For Sport system was developed to give student-athletes a collegiate approach to their education and athletic requirements. We have made it our sole purpose to identify areas where there are ideal facilities, progression opportunities and educational establishments to create an environment conducive to success.

By following a strong athlete education system, athletes will be given the necessary skills to develop and progress fluently from Youth to Senior athlete making the prospects of making National and International standards more likely.

We have a strong emphasis on our athlete’s academic study, and believe that all athletes must achieve their full potential to allow them to gain industry skills and knowledge for a career after sport.

Wired For Sport will endeavour to produce a structure whereby like-minded students will work together and achieve together.

The system

The Wired For Sport academy places a heavy focus on the student athlete experience and ultimately deliver what it sets out to, remaining transparent and honest in its philosophies and its approach throughout.

The ultimate goals for all athletes in our system are to:

  • Achieve grades which will enable them to gain places at any University of their choice
  • Improve as young adults
  • Be ambassadors in their local communities
  • Perform at the highest possible level in their events

The relationship between our staffing team, the educational establishments and the athlete is vital in ensuring that all of these objectives are achieved.

Athletes engage in a unique course where they will be given the opportunity to be full time student athletes two years ahead of the UK norm.

Athletes in our system are given the freedom to study courses whichever BTEC or A-Levels they desire making this a truly personalised educational programme. All training and support happens outside of the educational programme.

Athletes studying at our HACP will access event specific coaching, strength and conditioning, and medical provision through out the week.

Learners are able to access Athletic Coaching, Strength and Condition, Physio/Sports Therapy, Psychological and Nutritional services as part of the support package.

Currently learners across all disciplines are recruited to become apart of the programme receiving the aforementioned services. Those learners who wish to remain with their regular coaches are encouraged to utilise the support services whilst remaining with current coaches. This has been very successful as this allows for strong networks of trust between our academy and personal coaches.

The provision of coaching has been sourced from highly skilled and qualified coaches who are associated with producing success which has enabled many athletes to progress into GB/England Junior and Senior Teams.

Progression performance

Learners on academy programs have been successful in securing University placements for two reasons:

  1. Being part of an academy demonstrates to Universities that our student athletes have the ability to complete academic study in conjunction with strict sports programmes.
  2. Well-run Academy programmes carry weight in ensuring that athletes are well prepared for “tough” training protocols at a senior level.

Student athletes have been given access to an American recruitment tool “The Athlete Watch” based in the Michael Johnson High Performance centre. Three athletes have been offered scholarships. The best so far being a 95% scholarship leaving £1000 for the student athlete to self-fund spread over the four year educational programme.

We have been very successful in creating strong links with local universities who are offering our learners fast track and priority entry into the their University systems. Our athletes are also eligible to train with University teams allowing a familiar and smooth transition into local HE establishments.

  • Educational >>> Strength and Conditioning
  • Support with annual planning >>> Coaching provision
  • Guidance and planning >>> Nutrition and psychology provision
  • Physio and Sports Therapy provision >>> Prescription and injury prevention support

Athlete Eligibility Criteria

  • Top 15 ranking (power of ten) from the previous season.
  • Studying a BTEC level 3 or A-Levels
  • Committed to achieving excellence
  • Ability to attend all delivery, workshop and assessment sessions

How is the programme delivered?

Wired for Sport model will see athletes educated, coached and supported at HACP. Athletes in this model will be able to access full Wired for Sport services including: coaching, strength and conditioning, physio and sports therapy, nutritional and psychology support.

Educational program

  • 3 A-level or equivilation programme
  • Functional Skills
  • Pastoral Care
  • Flexibile attitude towards competition schedules

Training facilitaion

  • Fully integrated programme in conjunction with education
  • All essential services provided to support high performance
  • Completed in a senior structure time frame (normal working hours)


  • Daily facilitation
  • Hands on approach from coaches and support staff
  • Easily managed log of tasks
  • Competition preperation