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The next HCACP Parents forum for Yr7-11 is Monday 1st March at 4pm and Sixth form on Wednesday 3rd March 4pm. Links will be sent via email


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Bravo to these delicious looking entries from students (and a teacher!) 👏😋


The HCACP Master Class Lecture is live now. Today Dr Brooks tells us about the visible light spectrum. What do sailors and light have in common? Link on your teams page.


REMINDER: Year 7 Parents Consultation Day Wednesday 3rd March 9am – 3pm and 4pm-6pm Year 8 Parents Consultation Day Thursday 4th March 9am – 3pm and 4pm-6pm


REMINDER: Year 7 Parents Consultation Day Wednesday 3rd March 9am – 3pm and 4pm-6pm Year 8 Parents Consultation Day Thursday 4th March 9am – 3pm and 4pm-6pm


HCACP letter. Reopening of Schools in England.


Our very own amazing Dr Brooks (phs PHD) will be delivering a true Master Class regarding the nature of light. This Wednesday, 3.15pm on teams.


HCACP Student Bulletin for week starting 22Feb 2021


REMINDER: Year 7 Parents Consultation Day Wednesday 3rd March 9am – 3pm and 4pm-6pm Year 8 Parents Consultation Day Thursday 4th March 9am – 3pm and 4pm-6pm


The HCACP Feb Newsletter is available here


Try our Half term PXS project, great opportunity to show our focus on our core value COURAGE


For years 7,8 & 9. Make your own PXS project. Express yourself. Make a video, bake a cake...maybe invent a board game. The only limit is your imagination.


Some examples of outstanding work in History from HCACP. Students have been learning about the impact WWI had on 20th century medicine.


REMINDER: Year 7 and P16 live assembly at 8:45am this morning. Link on your respective Year Group Teams page.


HCACP is a World Class School. Our Year 7 and Year 8 launch our re-accreditation bid #Iamaleader#Iamcommitted#Weareworldclass


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So well deserved . teaching and learning is what you do best


HCACP continue to celebrate the diversity of our community, with this week's LGBT+ Hero Laverne Cox. We are 1 HCACP. +HistoryMonth


HCACP is delighted to be designated one of the 81 new Teaching School Hubs.


Student voice: Students have been completing a survey this week to help gain feedback on lessons since January. Make sure your opinions heard by completing the survey. Student survey February 2021


Year 10 Spanish: Students in lessons this week have been learning how to talk about where they live in Spanish, and getting amazing scores in their vocabulary tests on Quizlet! Ms Woolfrey is very pleased with their progress.

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KS4 Options 2021


This webpage has been put together to give you a clear understanding of the range of courses available to you as part of the Key Stage 4 Curriculum at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace. Our aim is to ensure that all students are put on pathways that will give them the greatest chance of success.

The Year 9 Virtual options event 3rd February 2021 is an incredibly important event where the options/ course selection process will be explained in detail. Both students and parents will be invited. Students should then take the time to review the information on the subject tabs of this page which, along with all the relevant course information, have videos from the subject leaders explaining what their subjects entail.

It is important that you read the information on this page carefully and discuss all options with your parent/carer prior to completing your Key Stage 4 Course Preference form. Think carefully about what is right for you and discuss the subjects with as many people as you possibly can. You should think about your future goals in life, what you are good at and what you enjoy. As well as your Key Stage 4 Course Preference subjects there are some subjects called ‘Core Subjects’ that all students MUST study to exam level. These are GCSE English, GCSE, Mathematics and GCSE Science. All students will also follow a non-examined course in Physical Education throughout their time in Key Stage 4.
The English Baccalaureate (EBacc)
The EBacc is a ‘basket’ of subjects which the majority of students at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace have been following for the past three years. However, the EBacc courses are not always the most appropriate for everyone and there will be an opportunity to discuss different options with the Year 9 Leadership team if necessary. The EBacc recognises students who have gained a grade 4-9 in the subjects from the following 5 categories:

  • GCSE English
  • GCSE Mathematics
  • GCSE Science
  • GCSE French and/or Spanish and/or Mandarin
  • GCSE History and/or Geography

This is now your chance to consider your own Key Stage 4 Course Preferences and identify those that you believe will give you the greatest chance of future success. 

Ms Katherine Cumberbatch
Executive Principal


Page Downloads

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Options Brochure 2019 22 02nd Feb 2021 Download