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Retweetd From HCACP PE

Not the ending that we wanted. But still a magnificent year for sport . Stay safe and healthy this summer everyone and see you all back in September.


The HCACP Newsletter for July 2020 is now available


Remember to check your school emails for the link to tomorrow live whole school assembly! Assembly starts at 12:30, See what faculty won the points trophy, sports day and attendance! Also which students will be taking home the JD vouchers!


Thank you to and for taking part in our virtual thematic day


Great session on Racial Literacy looking at the works of James Baldwin as part of our


Great year 7 session on Decolonising the Curriculum looking at the work of Carolyn Mims Lawerence ⁦


Today is virtual thematic day on Log onto your sessions Teams.


The faculty scores so far for Arts leading the charge but we are only just over half way. Still time for the other faculties to pull it back.


This terms thematic day is all about This Friday 10th July.


Thank you to all new Year 7s who attended our Virtual Induction Sessions today! There was a great turn out and you made fantastic contributions in the sessions, well done and thank you!


The HCACP lectures series cotinues this afternoon at 3:30pm


We hope all our new Year 7s enjoy their Virtual Induction today! Welcome!


All our new Year 7 students should today have received invites to their Virtual Induction Sessions this Friday. We are so looking forward to ‘meeting’ you!


Our HCACP lecture series all about racism continues today at 3pm.


The HCACP virtual sports week is coming 6th - 10th July More details soon.


We hope our new Year 7 students are excited for their Virtual Induction Sessions! They will be taking place on Friday 3rd July, more info to follow via email!


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And we’re back! Small group sessions til the end of term for the scholars


Tune in Friday afternoon (virtual lesson) for the English departments performance of the GCSE text 'An Inspector Calls'. Don't miss it!


Retweetd From HCACP PE

The Week 9 enrichment programme is up and running. Can anyone better Mr Mulvaney’s and Mr Grants top bin challenge? Bonus points for creativity.


Retweetd From World Class Schools

Yer 10 achievement here. We can see the commitment from the photographs.

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The First HCACP Virtual Sports Week - 6th-10th July

Sportsday (1)Please support your faculty in the first ever HCACP Virtual sports week. There are 11 events for you to participate in. All entries go towards your overall faculty points score.

To submit your score, please log on and click on the links below. The final results will be announced at 4pm on the 10th July. Good Luck!


How long can you juggle with any pieces of equipment that you can find in your house. You can use any amount from 2 upwards.

  • Space – Small amount of space that you can stand in.
  • Scoring – Three attempts at juggling for the longest timed period. Bonus point for larger or more tricky objects used. Also bonus points for each additional object used, starting above 2. Video evidence to be submitted.
  • Equipment – Tennis balls/juggling balls/rolled up socks.

Click here to enter your score.

Kick upsKick-Ups

How many kick-ups can you do in 30 seconds. You can use as many different body parts as possible except for your arms and hands.

  • Space – Enough space so you can safely control the ball.
  • Scoring – You have 30 seconds to do as many kick ups as possible. Each kick up will be a point for your faculty!
  • Equipment – A ball (tennis, football or even a balloon!)

Click here to enter your score.

B'ballBasketball Crossover Dribble

How many crossover dribbles can you do in 30 seconds? A crossover dribble is where you bounce the ball from one hand to the other.

  • Space – Enough space so you can dribble.
  • Scoring – You have 3 attempts. Record and submit your best score.
  • Equipment – A ball (tennis, football or basketball).

Click here to enter your score.

Long jumpStanding Long Jump

Set up a tape measure. You have 3 attempts to perform a standing long jump. Begin behind the start line and jump 2 feet to 2 feet. Measure from the heel to the start line.

  • Space – Enough space so you can jump.
  • Scoring – You have 3 attempts. Record and submit your best distance.
  • Equipment – Tape measure and 2 small objects to mark start and landing points.

Click here to enter your score.


Description – Grab a skipping rope or a piece of equipment similar. Jump over the rope as many times as you can without stopping. Adding in a jump combination increases points.

  • Space – Enough space so you can jump.
  • Scoring – You have 1 recorded attempt to skip as many times as possible in 1 minute. Adding a combination (high knees/crossovers) gains a bonus point.
  • Equipment – Skipping Rope/Rope/long string/No rope skipping (No bonus point).

Click here to enter your score.

PlatesSpin the “ball”!

Spin an object on your finger for as long as possible.

  • Points - You will get points for the length of time the object spins for AND bonus points for creativity with WHAT object you can spin!
  • Space - Whatever works.

Click here to enter your score.


Stand in front of your stairs/chair/bed. Step up using one foot at a time and then step back down onto the ground. Once both feet are back onto the floor you gain a point. You have 3 attempts to get as many points as you can in 1 minute.

  • Space –Enough space so that you can step up and down comfortably.
  • Scoring – You.
  • Equipment – Stairs.

Click here to enter your score.


Walk1km Walk

Using the Nike run app or Strava app, record yourself walking for 1 kilometre. Press start on your app when you are ready, then walk as fast as you can until you reach the 1K mark and press stop. Take a screen shot of your time.

  • Space – Any open space close to you.
  • Scoring – You have 1 attempt. Record and submit your time.
  • Equipment – Mobile phone – Nike run app or Strava to record your time and distance.

Click here to enter your score.

BounceSpeed Bounce

Two-footed jump in which you must take off and land on both feet. You need to see how many time you can jump over the pillow in 30 seconds.

  • Space – Enough space so you can jump from left to right or vice versa.
  • Scoring – record the number of correct bounces / one correct jump = 1 point.
  • Equipment – one pillow.

Click here to enter your score.


Start with a push up position. Place your forearms on the floor with elbows aligned below shoulder . Ground toes into the floor, flat back and lift up your tummy.

  • Modification: rest your knees on the ground.
  • Space – Enough space to lie down on your tummy.
  • Scoring – You need to see how long you can hold the position for. Submit your score in seconds.
  • Equipment – none.

Click here to enter your score.


Run1km Run

See how quickly you can run 1km.

  • Space – Anywhere! You can do laps or a straight run around the park or streets.
  • Scoring – Record your time and screenshot the evidence (see Mr Kenlock’s below).
  • Equipment – Try using apps such as STRAVA, Map My Run or just take a picture of your watch.

Click here to enter your score.