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Retweetd From Kinetic Foundation

*BREAKING* We are delighted to announce our new partnership with to provide more young people with access to high quality post 16 education and football from September 2019. Applications are open to study ANY sixth form course at this outstanding school.


Great basketball match - staff just won!!!


Staff v Sixth Form Basketball Fundraiser - staff just in the lead !


The May HCACP Newsletter is available from


Retweetd From Harris Fed Languages

Calling trainee teachers / BTs on all routes! I’ll be running a webinar for this Thurs 23rd May 8-9pm on “Preparing for your year”. Do join and spread the word to colleagues


We are very proud of our Y12 Artist Bethany Kauder for her first external Art Exhibition at the Elizabeth James Gallery. Bethany exhibited a collection of outstanding portraits she has been produced since the start of Year 12, under the theme ‘Transformation’.


The amazing HCACP instrumental concert is this Thursday 23rd May. 5pm.


Retweetd From HCACP DofE

Sunny morning cooking breakfast and packing away tents. Teams getting ready for Day 2 of their DofE Bronze Practice Expedition!


Retweetd From HCACP DofE

Relaxing on a well deserved break in the countryside! Very strong performances from all three teams today on their DofE Bronze Practice Expedition!


Retweetd From HCACP PE

The Yr8 boys crowned relay champions with this performance.


Retweetd From HCACP PE

A dominant performance by the Yr8 girls relay team at today’s Croydon Championships. 🔥 🔥🥇


Retweetd From HCACP PE

Fantastic day of athletics for the Yr7 and 8 boys and girls at the champs. Yr8 boys win the overall trophy and wins for the Yr7 and 8 boys and Yr8 girls relay teams. Not to forget the 14 x🥇, 6 x🥈 and 3 x🥉.


Retweetd From HCACP PE

Kacey storming to victory in the Yr7 hurdles this morning.


Retweetd From HCACP PE

Congratulations to the Yr7 boys basketball team who join the girls at the basketball finals next week.


Retweetd From HCACP PE

A fantastic start to the outdoor athletics season for all students. Yr9 and 10 boys win the championships and the JB and IB follow it up with a great set of results in the cup today.


Retweetd From HarrisSchoolDirect

Calling : We still have a few places for our and this summer. If you are graduating in 2020, we’d love to hear from you.


Retweetd From HCACP PE

The Yr7 football team go down 1-0 in the final to a strong side. Despite the defeat it has been a fantastic first season for the Yr7s.


Retweetd From HCACP DofE

Up early to cook breakfast and pack away camp. Getting ready for day 2 of the Bronze A Practice Expedition!


Retweetd From HCACP PE

Fantastic opportunity for any Yr11 female rugby players this Wednesday 8th May 4.30pm .

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) and Free School Meals

Pupil Premium Provision 2018-2019

Our motto states that ‘All Can Achieve’ and equality of opportunity, and the removal of all barriers to that equality, is a key rationale to the decisions that we make here at HCACP. Our policies and provision aim to remove the obstacles which prevent young people from achieving in life and we actively promote a culture and environment without prejudice and discrimination. Given that all students do not begin their secondary education from the same starting point, we will actively provide opportunities for those students who have faced disadvantage in their past, in order to ensure that ‘All Can Achieve’ in a community which is built around our core values of Community, Courage, Courtesy, Co-operation and Contribution. A particular focus for the 2018-2019 academic year is the achievement of PPG students in English at GCSE. In order to improve their attainment in English, all PPG students will receive support from the beginning of Y7 regardless of prior attainment at KS2. In addition to the general support offered to PPG students, targeted support will be tailored to individual needs over the course of their education.

The Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) applies to students from families who have been disadvantaged at some point in the last six years and, along with students in receipt of free school meals (FSM), the school is able to provide additional funds and resources to counteract any disadvantage. If a student is eligible for either PPG or FSM, all matters regarding the use of this fund will be treated with discretion and in confidence. Parents and Carers can check their eligibility for FSM, and apply online, without having to discuss the details of their circumstances with anyone at the Academy via the My Free School Meals web site at

Barriers to Learning

HCACP strives to provide all PPG and FSM students with the resources needed to overcome any potential barriers to learning. The following list is an indication of the main barriers to educational achievement for disadvantaged students at HCACP:

  • Lack of personalised learning and ability to access the curriculum
  • Challenging behaviour and an inability to interact successfully in a school environment
  • Lack of positive role models outside of school
  • Low levels of literacy and numeracy
  • Low self-esteem and confidence
  • Lack of personal aspirations and/or an understanding of career possibilities and further academic opportunities
  • Fewer opportunities to benefit from cultural and social events and experiences
  • Inability to fund curricular enrichment opportunities, including day and residential trips
  • Inability to purchase educational resources, including study support materials, subject resources and IT facilities
  • Poor levels of attendance and punctuality

In order to overcome the above barriers, the PPG allocation report below indicates how the PPG allocation is spent and the rationale for that allocation. 

The current EVER 6 FSM is 33.7% (Pupil Premium Grant).  There are currently 18 students who are Looked After Children.


Projected PPG Grant for 2018/19 is £300,675 (£935x303+£965x18LAC)


Academic and Curriculum



Summary of Provision

Aims and Projected Impact of Provision


Impact 2018


Additional English NQT


To provide additional coverage in English to allow experienced staff to teach PPG sets at KS4 and below

  • Improved performance of PPG students across all KS3&4 in line with other groups
  • English specialist to support students and teachers in class where needed
  • Extra-curricular classes and intervention provided
  • Targeted HW and small group support sessions
  • Challenge through texts - reading and extended writing clubs to stretch the skills needed for the new GCSE curriculum
  • Additional set in English to reduce class sizes


Jan 2019



Additional Maths Teacher


Additional member of the department to allow for additional sets at KS4.



  • Smaller class sizes to provide a better staff/student ratio and for the member of staff to support in other areas of the department
  • Sustained positive outcomes for pupil premium students including those with additional educational needs
  • Maths specialist to support students and teachers in class where needed
  • Extra-curricular classes and intervention provided



At GCSE the difference was approx.. 0.4, and in line with NA.


Holiday Study and Intervention Programmes




A comprehensive programme of study support and revision classes to be offered in school holidays.

Personalised programmes of support, planned in advance and costed into the curriculum model to be offered to all Year 11 students eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant.

  • 100% of students eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant to attend classes.
  • Pupil Premium Grant to receive additional study skills support as well as curriculum revision.
  • High VA for PP across all subjects.
  • External and off-site courses to be offered to allow PPG students to study in a different environment and with students from different backgrounds.
  • Justin Craig run revision courses provided for PPG students in October and February half terms.
  • PPG students also attended revision sessions and English and Science ran a GCSE residential trip. All PPG students were priority attendees and attended one of the two trips. 
  • Emphasis on literacy and reading for KS3 – provision of reading books and follow up work to be monitored by tutor.


April 2019

At GCSE PPG students performed at national average at 0.01.



Additional Educational Resources

For all PPG students


Additional curricular resources will be purchased for Pupil Premium Grant students to enhance their learning experience. 


  • All PPG students to be given revision materials prior to Y11 GCSEs
  • This is a personalised approach where students will be allocated resources which are best suited to help them make progress. 
  • Examples of resources include:

Uniform, IT equipment, revision materials, music lessons, sports tuition

  • Students to be prepared for lessons with improved homework rates and quality of written work is reflected in progress data.
  • Evidence of attitude to learning shown in lessons through higher question response rates and engagement in lessons.


Jan 2018

Progress 8 data to be confirmed but PP students performed just better than national ‘other’ by all measures at GCSE.


121 Tuition/small group tuition

LAC students


Agreed as part of PEP package, specifically tailored to meet needs of PP students at KS4 (for example, weekly 1-1 Mathematics, Science and/or English)

  • Differences in LAC attainment and progress to be reduced and in line with all other students
  • Gaps in attainment to be identified following October mock exams and provided for all other subjects, where necessary.
  • Tuition needs revised in response to current mock/assessment analysis.
  • Improved quality of extended written work.

Jan 2018

LAC attainment improved from 2017 by 0.1.


Online support programmes


Sourced online curriculum support subscriptions

  • Online support for students in subjects providing revision materials and curriculum knowledge – core, humanities and MFL


Positive evaluations from students.


Laptops for Access Arrangements


All students who have the provision of word processing under access arrangements to receive a laptop for the duration of Y10&11.

  • Students to be familiar with working on a laptop in preparation for exams.
  • Ability to work at home and complete HW and revision tasks in same format.
  • All mock assessments to be conducted with laptops/IT facilities provided in actual exams.

Nov 2018

Sig. improvement from 2017 of SEN students to P8 of 0.08 and EHCP students 0.10.


Music tuition


PPG students provided with one-to-one music lessons

  • Improved access to musical activities
  • Enriched cultural and musical experience
  • Increased participation in musical concerts and events.


34% of all booking for enrichment made by PPG student in line with Academy intake.


PPG Teaching Assistant


Part-time undergraduate (or recent graduate)/Y13 teaching assistant in English, Humanities and MFL

  • Teaching assistant to work with PPG students in class at specific times of the year.
  • Provision to focus on extended writing and challenging written responses to tasks.

Nov 2018

See P8.


LRC challenge texts


Resources to provide challenging texts for HAPP and PPG students

  • A section of the LRC dedicated to providing challenging resources for all students.
  • Half termly HW based on reading and responses to the texts provided. To be monitored by HAP/HEX coordinator.

Nov 2018

HAPs performing above national in all year groups.


Departmental resources


Resources to provide challenging texts for HAPP and PPG students

  • Departmental resources dedicated to providing challenging resources for all students.
  • Departments to bid for resources with clear strategies and aims as to how the resources will benefit the PPG students in subject areas.

Nov 2018

HAPs performing above national in all year groups


Pastoral and Welfare


Learning Mentor NEW TITLE?


LM to have specific responsibility for supporting PPG students.

Provision of individual support, mediation and reduction of barriers to learning.

  • Reduction in incidents resulting from low self-esteem or a lack of social literacy
  • Effective records of all incidents involving said students and strategies recommended
  • Improved attendance and engagement for vulnerable students

Nov 2018

2017/18 saw a reduction in FTE for students receiving PPG by 33%.



Counsellor Support (RG)




Counsellor to offer support for students in order to overcome barriers to learning.



  • Improved engagement in lessons
  • PPG students in need of counselling to be identified and encouraged to attend sessions
  • Arranged schedule for students with identified emotional needs
  • Records of provision and impact
  • Students a meet through appointments or during drop in sessions.
  • Counsellor to provide advice and guidance to Learning Mentors/SG and pastoral teams in order to provide effective pastoral support.

Sept 2018

As above and in year data.


Mentoring for self-esteem and positive behaviours


A range of external mentors are used by the Academy to bring specialist ethic and cultural heritage elements to those PPG students at risk of underperforming as a result of low self-confidence and/or lack of successful/positive role models.

  • Raised levels of self-esteem and aspiration to succeed by those students identified as benefiting from this specialist form of mentoring.
  • A range of speakers and organisation with a focus on raising aspirations: Safer London, Might Men of Valour, Generation F, E&S Training, Mindfulness
  • FTE and FTP reduced from 8.5% to 5%

Jan 2019

As above.




Residential trips




Trips to be subsidised (a proportion of overall cost) for all students eligible for the PPG and specific opportunities to broaden the horizons of those students to be offered.

  • Provision of experiences beyond urban setting.
  • Building a sense of responsibility and independence for students with low self-esteem and/or behavioural difficulties
  • PGL trip in October for Y7 students.
  • Trips run in 2018 included: Bushcraft, DofE, China, Croatia and Iceland. NASA trip for October 2018.


Positive uptake of PPG students onto trips.


Educational and extra-curricular day trips



Trips to be subsidised (a proportion of overall cost) for all students eligible for the PPG and specific opportunities to broaden the horizons of those students to be offered.

  • Pupil premium students will take part in a variety of enrichment trips all year
  • PPG students were able to a variety of trips including History events, Geography field trips and English and Drama theatre trips




PE trips and courses


Kayaking course for Y10 GCSE students

Cycling course for Y11 GCSE students


  • Sporting provision provides students with experiences beyond the standard curriculum and PE timetable.

Jan 2018

P8 for PE + 0.12


Y7&8 Enrichment Programme


PPG students to have priority provision for enrichment programme

  • All PPG students in Y7&8 to regularly attend sessions – at least two per week


Nov 2018

35% of PPG year 7/8 enrolled on at least one enrichment session.




Y7 Literacy and Numeracy – School Ready and Y7 Catch Up

For 2018-2019, all Y7 students who are not school ready will receive additional tuition in Literacy and Numeracy. Tuition with be in small groups taught as part of the enrichment programme and will consist of two literacy groups and one numeracy group taught over three afternoons. Attendance will be compulsory as part of the enrichment programme.

Students identified as having below 100 for their standardised score on the KS2 SATS data (in either reading or writing) will have targeted literacy intervention. The intervention will consist of a rigorous literacy programme taught in small groups by the SENCO.

The intervention programme primarily focuses on:

  • Spelling – with a focus on homophones
  • Sentence types
  • Tenses
  • Use of punctuation
  • Understanding the academy marking policy
  • Using paragraphs
  • Reading accurately
  • Reading comprehension


The progress of the students will be monitored and reviewed throughout the programme. Should students make sufficient progress, they will be exited from the programme. Students may be referred for more targeted intervention if necessary.


To improve the numeracy of Y7 students who are not yet school ready, intervention sessions run every Tuesday for 30 minutes after school with all identified pupils expected to attend. Attendance is recorded for each session with action taken for both good and poor attendance.

The main focus points of the intervention are:

  • To identify the weaker knowledge areas of the students and, in turn, the mathematical subject focus points for the sessions. For example. percentages, fractions etc.
  • To improve the confidence levels of the pupils when addressing mathematical issues both academically and in real life issues.
  • To encourage pupils to be confident and independent learners and to approach teachers whenever needing assistance with maths.
  • Ito improve the scores/levels of the identified pupils in order to reach the expected age standard.

The progress made from the sessions will be analysed through the HARS results and individual teacher feedback based on timetabled lesson study and homework etc.

Next review:  September 2019