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Events taking place at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace this week.


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We're looking for a Premises Maintenance Site Manager . Find out more and apply:


Year 11s hard at work on the English and Science residential!


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Looking forward to a day of Courageous Leadership with and our


HCACP students boarding the study buss for a weekend of revision and support. Enjoy!


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Our trainees are ready to support in an lesson as part of their training


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Our trainees enjoyed a lovely lunch "This has been an incredible day!"


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The Yr10 boys football team win an epic encounter on penalties against in the cup today. now have 3 teams in next weeks finals at Croydon Arena!!


Announcing the amazing HCACP Instrumental Concert. Thursday 24th of May. 17:30 to 18:30. Everyone is welcome to our evening of musical magic.


Looks like HCACP students are happy to be back in school :)


Events taking place at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace this week.


Events taking place at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace this week.


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We've lots of volunteering roles for the 2018 festival. From artist liaison, bar & catering and various festival steward roles to fundraisers, zone managers, traffic marshals and even roles for young stewards (aged 16-18). Let us know what floats your boat in the comments below!


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Learning the traditional dance!


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What a way to end the trip! Traditional Croatian folk singers and a traditional dinner!


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I think the boys are channeling their inner Croatian! After a hard day's rafting what a better way to cool down than pizza and football!


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Fantastic day exploring the limestone caves and limestone gorges. Now time to cool down and relax on the terrace!


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The Football tour has just boarded the ferry at Calais. Our ETA back at school is 6:30pm traffic pending.


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Throughly enjoyable day in Amsterdam. students got to see the Ajax Amsterdam Arena in all its glory.


Events taking place at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace this week.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) and Free School Meals

Pupil Premium Report 2017

Free School Meals

The Academy writes to all parent/carers whose children are entitled to free school meals or who have been entitled over the past six years outlining the support available via the Pupil Premium Grant. We also assure parents that all matters regarding use of this fund are treated with discretion and in confidence. Parents/Carers can check their eligibility and apply online without having to discuss the details of their circumstances with anyone at the Academy via the My Free School Meals web site at

Barriers to Learning

HCACP strives to provide all PPG students with the resources needed to overcome any potential barriers to learning. The following list is an indication of the main barriers to educational achievement for disadvantaged students at HCACP:

  • Lack of personalised learning and ability to access the curriculum
  • Challenging behaviour and an inability to interact successfully in a school environment
  • Lack of positive role models outside of school
  • Low levels of literacy and numeracy
  • Low self-esteem and confidence
  • Lack of personal aspirations and/or an understanding of career possibilities and further academic opportunities
  • Fewer opportunities to benefit from cultural and social events and experiences
  • Inability to fund curricular enrichment opportunities, including day and residential trips
  • Inability to purchase educational resources, including study support materials, subject resources and IT facilities
  • Poor levels of attendance and punctuality


In order to overcome the above barriers, the PPG allocation report below indicates how the PPG allocation is spent and the rationale for that allocation. 


The current EVER 6 FSM is 32% (Pupil Premium Grant).  There are currently 19 students who are Looked After Children.


Income for 2017/18 is £264,240 (£935x263+£965x19)






Focus of Work

Evaluative commentary/impact

Date of review

Evidence of Impact

Learning Support Assistants and Graduate Teaching Assistants

£45,000 (3x£15k)


Increased in-class support from LSAs to further personalise and support learning of students.


Use of graduate TAs to provide targeted support to students in subjects.


One to one with graduates in relevant subjects.

  • Sustained excellent outcomes for pupil premium students including those with additional educational needs
  • Use of graduate TAs to provide targeted support to students in subjects
  • Management of LSAs to be improved from September 2017
  • Maths specialist (DA) to support students and teachers in class

Sept 2017

Provision now provided in each subject with subject specialist GTAs.

PPG Progress improved in 2017 to 0.47 from 0.1. 



Learning Mentor with responsibility for bullying



LM to have specific responsibility for bullying incidents.

Provision of individual support, mediation and reduction of further incidents.

  • Reduction in bullying in bullying incidents
  • Effective records of all bullying incidents
  • Improved attendance for vulnerable students

Sept 2017

LM now has responsibility for recording all incidents and providing support. New procedure in place Oct 2017.

Improvement in attendance for PPG students from 94.22% in 2015 to 95.4% in 2016.  This is significantly above national at 92.6%.

Counsellor Support





New counsellor working two days a week.

Provide personalised emotional support for students in order to overcome barriers to learning.


Providing advice and guidance to Learning Mentors and pastoral teams in order to provide effective pastoral support.

  • Improved engagement in lessons
  • PPG students in need of counselling to be identified and encouraged to attend sessions
  • Arranged schedule for students with identified emotional needs
  • Records of provision and impact

Sept 2017

Counselling support session began Sept 2017. Students are able to meet twice a week either through appointments or during drop in sessions.

Improved attendance.


Specific Community Identity Mentors



A range of external mentors are used by the Academy to bring specialist ethic and cultural heritage elements to those PPG students at risk of underperforming as a result of low self-confidence and/or lack of successful/positive role models.

  • Raised levels of self-esteem and aspiration to succeed by those students identified as benefiting from this specialist form of mentoring.
  • Daniel Spargo-Mabbs, Great Men, Generation F, E&S Training, Mindfulness
  • FTE and FTP reduced from 8.5% to 5%

Jan 2018

FTE for PP students to be reduced and in line with non-PP students.

Jamie’s Farm

residential strips





Three trips to a residential farm providing students with experience of working on a farm with additional counselling.

  • Provision of experiences beyond urban setting.
  • Building a sense of responsibility and independence for students with low self-esteem and/or behavioural difficulties

Oct 2017

Sept 2017 saw a group of 10 students attend the JF Trip, following two successful trips in 2016 and 2017.

100% positive evaluations.

Strengthening Minds Programme




Mentoring programme to improve self-esteem for girls in Y9.

  • Reduced levels of negative behaviour events
  • Improved attainment of PP girls
  • Reduce number of FTE and FTP from 5.9% to 3%

Jan 2018

Programme now run internally.

FTEs reduced to 2.5%


Holiday Study Programmes &  Intervention Programmes





A comprehensive programme of study support and revision classes will be offered in every school holiday except the Christmas break.


Personalised programmes of support, planned in advance and costed into the curriculum model have been offered to all Year 11 students eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant to enable them to attain the best possible examination results.

  • 100% of students eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant to attend classes.
  • Pupil Premium Grant will attend classes and achieve highly in summer examinations.
  • 5+ A*- C (incl. Eng / Maths) 92% non-PP 80%PP
  • High VA for PP across all subjects.
  • Graduate mentors and LSAs

Sept 2017

PPG students attended revision sessions and English ran a GCSE residential trip. All PPG students were priority attendees and attended one of the two trips.  

PPG Progress improved in 2017 to 0.47 from 0.1. 


Curricular enrichment






Trips to be subsidised up to a maximum of £100 per student for all students eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant and specific opportunities to broaden the horizons of those students to be offered.

Trips to be run this year include: Bushcraft, DofE, Barcelona and Iceland.

  • Pupil premium students will take part in a variety of enrichment trips all year
  • PGL trip in October for Y7 students.

Sept 2017

PPG students were able to a variety of trips including History events, Geography field trips and English and Drama theatre trips.

Additional Educational Resources

Y11 and Y10



Additional curricular resources will be purchased for Pupil Premium students up to £100 per student to enhance their learning experience. 

This is a personalised approach where students will be allocated resources which are best suited to help them make progress.  Examples of resources could include, Uniform, IT equipment, revision materials, music lessons etc.

  • Students prepared for lessons, improved homework rates, quality of work improves, progress data. Excellent attitude to learning shown in lessons.
  • All PPG students to be given revision materials prior to Y11 GCSEs





Sept 2017

For 2017, Y11 students received revision materials and guides for their GCSE subjects.

PPG Progress improved in 2017 to 0.47 from 0.1. 


PE trips and courses




Kayaking course for 10 GCSE students (£80pp)

Football Tour - Holland


  • Sporting provision provides students with experiences beyond the standard curriculum and PE timetable.

Sept 2017

PPG P8 students achieved a P8 score 0.44 higher than non-PP in P.E.

121 Tuition/small group tuition

LAC students & PPG



Agreed as part of PEP package, specifically tailored to meet needs of PP students at KS4/3, for example, weekly 1-1 Mathematics, Science and/or English.



  • Differences in PPG attainment and progress to be reduced and in line with all other students
  • Gaps in attainment to be identified following October mock exams and provided for all other subjects, where necessary.

Oct 2017

Significant improvement on 2016 results in English and maths.

English P8: PP +0.20

Maths P8: PP +0.63

Science P8:PP -0.13


Laptops for Access Arrangements



All students who have the provision of word processing under AA to receive a laptop for the duration of Y11.

  • Students to be familiar with working on a laptop in preparation for exams.
  • Ability to work at home and complete HW and revision tasks in same format.

Sept 2017

10 students with laptops:

P8 +0.8

Y7&8 Enrichment Programme



PPG students to have priority provision for enrichment programme

  • All PPG students in Y7&8 to regularly attend sessions – at least two per week


Jan 2018

New programme established for 2017-2018

Music tuition



PPG students provided with one-to-one music lessons

  • Improved access to musical activities
  • Enriched cultural and musical experience

Sept 2017


Total Cost






Y7 Literacy and Numeracy – School Ready and Y7 Catch Up

For 2017-2018, all Y7 students who are not school ready will receive additional tuition in Literacy and Numeracy. Tuition with be in small groups taught as part of the enrichment programme and will consist of two literacy groups and one numeracy group taught over three afternoons. Attendance will be compulsory as part of the enrichment programme.


For the 2016-2017 academic year, the Maths department ran a Year 7 Catch-Up programme for selected Year 7 students who entered the Academy with a below national average KS2 baseline score. The aim of this programme was to substantially improve the numeracy and basic number skills of these students so that they can access more difficult components from the KS3 Curriculum.  For the 2016-17 Year 7 cohort, 12 students (8 boys and 4 girls) were identified, and the intervention process involved students attending an after-school session for one hour every week.

The sessions were led by two specialist Maths teachers who had significant experience in raising attainment for KS3 students with low prior attainment. A range of numeracy resources from Harris Federation, Collins Numeracy Framework and Singapore Maths strategies were used. 

Historically, this Catch-Up programme has had a positive impact. The 12 students started the academic year with an average Local SAS score of 83. Their first HARS test in October 2016 resulted in an average Assessment MLG of 2.58. By the final HARS test in June 2017, the average Assessment MLG was 3.16. These assessments are rigorous and grade boundaries are standardised by the Federation.


For 2017-2018, the literacy focus will be on writing and spelling with additional reading tuition provided by Y12 students and the SEN team. Participation in reading groups with P16 students will be focused on reading comprehension and the P16 students will follow a training provided by our SEN language specialist.

For 2016-2017, the Literacy Catch Up programme for Year 7 followed the principals of the Sounds-Write programme. It was a phased approach. In the early stages of the programme the students revisited and relearned phonics in order to underpin the rest of the programme. Once the students had gained in confidence and skill, we moved on to reading the 'Totem' series from the programme, developing their reading comprehension skills and reading accuracy.

In the first HARS test of the academic year, the students had an average P8 score of -1.99, which could be attributed to their lack of phonics knowledge and also the fact that reading comprehension had not yet been addressed - the foundation of their English assessments. The Summer 2017 data showed an average P8 score of 0.26, a 2.25 increase from their starting point.

The Year 7 Catch Up groups for 2017-2018 are much larger than in previous years, with a total of 27 students not meeting age related expectations in primary school in two or more literacy based assessments. They have been split into groups for the following: reading comprehension, phonics and literacy. These sessions are being led by HCACPs Specialist Speech and Language Tutor and our SENCO and due to the success of the programme with the last academic year, the Sounds-Write programme will be followed once again.

Next review:  September 2018