Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Learning & Teaching

Harris City Academy Crystal Palace provides an exciting, personalised learning curriculum, which supports and challenges all of our students and is at the heart of our teaching and learning philosophy. We ensure that all teaching and support staff have access to the highest quality training programmes to provide the most innovative and cutting edge learning opportunities for every student.

The Academy aims to:

  • Meet the needs and aspirations of all students
  • Ensure all students can successfully access the curriculum offer, making any reasonable adjustments required where particular needs are identified
  • Recognise high achieving students and ensure they are given opportunities to stretch and challenge their learning
  • Plan opportunities for students to develop their personal potential
  • Establish an agreed range of policies and practices to guarantee a consistent approach towards learning and teaching in every classroom.
  • Involve all staff in developing and improving the quality of learning and teaching
  • Provide all staff with developmental opportunities to extend and enhance their range of teaching and repertoires
  • Develop staff to deliver skills beyond their own subject specialism and incorporate cross curricular initiatives
  • Identify students’ achievements and areas for improvement, through rigorous monitoring of progress and to plan appropriate interventions to enhance learning


Most Able Students

At Harris City Academy Crystal Palace we provide an extensive programme of support, challenge and intervention for our most able students. Students are assessed and identified at the beginning of each academic year, and the register of most able, gifted and talented students is regularly reviewed and updated. Most able students benefit from extensive differentiation, our enrichment programme of trips and extra-curricular clubs, and regular focussed pastoral support aimed at ensuring that able students are happy and achieve their maximum potential at all stages. Exceptional students benefit from personalised education plans and regular target setting meetings with staff.

The provision continues throughout a student’s time at the Academy and students benefit from opportunities such as inter-school tournaments, trips to top universities and residential trips at NASA and CERN.

Harris Experience and Harris Experience Advanced

In Year 9, exceptionally able students have the opportunity to be selected to be a part of the prestigious Harris Experience programme (coordinated centrally by the Harris Federation) which runs from Year 9 to Year 13. This involves a range of educational and cultural trips, master classes and extended support intended to provide our students with the best possible chances of attending the very best and most prestigious universities. Further information abut these programmes can be found at  http://www.harrisfederation.org.uk/64/harris-experience and http://www.harrisfederation.org.uk/65/harris-experience-advanced

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